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At Strategic Thunder we invite our clients to regularly evaluate our team and performance so that we can better meet and exceed their expectations.

How would your current agency rate?

Please indicate your answers according to the following scale:

Outstanding – 5

Good - 4

Average - 3

Below Average - 2

Poor - 1

A. Overview
a. Quality of leadership
b. Quality of personnel
c. Availability of senior management
d. Knowledge of my business
e. Quantity of personnel
f. Structured for efficiency
g. Ability to meet deadlines
h. Level of professionalism
i. Value as a company resource
j. Regularly contributes business building ideas

B. Agency/Client Relationship
a. Working relationship
b. Easy exchange of ideas
c. Mutual respect
d. Listens to different opinions
e. Sensitivity to internal issues
f. Flexibility
g. Leads rather than follows
h. Extranet for 24/7 access to all account documents & creative

C. Marketing
a. Strategic Development Process
b. Understanding of market
c. Knowledge of competition
d. Immediate/near-term planning capability
e. Long-term planning capability
f. Value of marketing input
g. Quality of marketing plan
h. Implementation of marketing plan
i. Provides actual “real-time” market research

D. Creative
a. Ability to develop multiple concepts
b. Originality of concepts/ breakthrough thinking
c. Fully integrated executions
d. Strong creative leadership
e. Response to client direction
f. Response to changing market conditions
g. Acceptance of criticism/revisions
h. Understanding and use of Buzz Marketing
i. Print/broadcast production
j. Realistic production budgets
k. Mastery of latest digital technologies

E. Production
a. State of the art productions department
b. Knowledge of all production formats
c. Provides competitive bids in all cases
d. Quality and length of vendor relationships
e. Web-based client approval system
f. Web-based delivery of production materials to publications
g. Direct-to-plate capabilities

F. Media
a. Quality of media planning
b. Finds new ways to reach target market
c. Achieves measurable results
d. Delivers significant added value
e. Utilizes “real-time” ad effectiveness evaluation system to determine ROI

G. Budget
a. Adherence to budget estimates
b. Ability to get most for each dollar spent
c. Control of administrative costs

H. Comments: