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Brand Vision Interview Guide for Senior Management

• In the future, what markets, business lines, and channels do we want to compete in? How does this differ from today?
• What are the strategic and financial objectives for our organization? What role do you believe the brand will play in helping to achieve those objectives?
• What does our brand stand for today? Strengths? Weaknesses? How about relative to the competition?
• What should the brand stand for tomorrow to help us achieve our corporate goals?
• What level of resources are we putting into our strategies tied to the brand? How will we know if our branding efforts have been successful or not?
• Will we be able to achieve the stated objectives as we currently define the business today (with the brands we currently have in place) or do we need to redefine our business?
• What should the role of senior management be relative to Brand Asset Management? Are there any companies out there today that you would hold up as a model for successfully managing and leveraging a brand?

Brand Association Questions

• When I say the name of our brand, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Why?
• What are the strengths and weaknesses of our brand?
• What factors have contributed to your perceptions of these strengths and weaknesses?
• What brands did you consider before you bought our brand?
• What are your perceptions of the other brands you considered (strengths, weaknesses, attributes)?
• Why did you choose our brand?
• Has our brand met your needs and expectations?
• What benefits has our brand provided you? Does it meet your expectations?
• Describe the experience you had with our brand before you made the purchase ... as you use the product ... after you used it.
• Describe exactly what you bought when you purchased our product or service (benefits, hopes and the like).
• When describing our brand to another potential buyer or a friend, how would you describe it?
• Why would you recommend our brand to another person (or why wouldn't you)?
• Does one brand make you feel differently about yourself (or reflect differently on you) than another?
• Describe the staff and service providers and how they interacted with you. How did they make you feel?

Brand Persona Questions

How do you find out your brand's persona? Ask questions that complement those you asked to uncover brand associations. Some typical questions might include the following:

• Why do you consider brand X to be better than others?
• What are the strengths and weaknesses of brand X? How about relative to the competition?
• If you saw a person using brand X, what would you know about him or her (age, gender, personality, education, income level)?
• If brand X were a car, what kind of car would it be and why?
• (Cars typically used for this question are Chevy, Lexus, Saturn, Mercedes, and Volvo.)
• If brand X were one of the following places, which would it be and why? (Typical cities or geographical areas used here are Silicon Valley [cutting edge], New York [cosmopolitan], Paris [fashionable], Omaha [traditional].)
• If brand X were a department store, what store would it be and why? (Typical stores here are Nordstrom's [high service], Sears [traditional], Wal-Mart [price focused], and Neiman Marcus [higher-end].)
• What kind of animal best describes this brand? (A jaguar would be fast and nimble; a turtle would be slow and deliberate.)