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For the purposes of this branding checklist, the following terms are defined as follows:


A Brand is the promise of an experience - something that the brand does for you, or how it makes you feel intellectually, emotionally or physically to your satisfaction - that you can count on to be the same or better every time. It is the sum of all of your experiences with the brand/product/service.

Brand Vision Statement

What the Brand needs to become in the future to achieve dynamic growth.

Brand Story

The story illustrates the organization's or service's history, along with how the history adds to the value and credibility of the brand.

Brand Promise

What exactly are we selling - what is the unique benefit of purchasing the brand?

Brand Support

What is it about the Brand that allows consumers/customers to believe that the Brand can keep its promise.

Brand Equity

What is it that customers will value so highly that they will choose the Brand instead of competitors, creating Brand Loyalty?

Brand Core

The most relevant Brand driver that needs to be at the center of every brand message.

Ideal Brand Perception

What the Brand's consumers/customers need to think and feel about the Brand in order to increase sales.

Brand Egg

The summary chart of the total Brand profile which serves as a blueprint for the Brand marketing and communication efforts.

Brand Ambassadors

Either credible, authoritative endorsers, or satisfied customers, as third parties who verify the Brand (experience) as being satisfying and trustworthy.