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Our 6-part system has proven to be highly effective in shaping successful relevant brands, and then
communicating a strategically persuasive message to create consumer preference and drive sales.

1. Brand Physical

Our thorough brand analysis process identifies the most enduring strategic positioning for your brand by looking beyond your current brand environment to future what-ifs, so when the market shifts youíre already rooted and prepared to prosper in a changed marketplace.

2. Brand Core

This is the journey to the center of the brand. Using the results from the Brand Physical, we synthesize the findings to identify the one relevant driver that dynamically connects the brand with your target audience.

3. Ideal Brand Perception

With this process, we bring the Brand Core to life with a brand vocabulary and imagery that make a powerful rational and emotional connection with your target audience. Simply said, itís what you want them to think and feel about your brand so that it resonates with their values and needs/desires, to drive sales and profits.

4. Charting your Brand Touch Point Map

Traditional advertising is only one way to connect with your target audience, and you may be missing many other meaningful opportunities to develop a relationship with them such as: referrals from friends, professional recommendations, consumer and trade advertising, exhibits and trade shows, the internet, editorial pieces, customer service reps, packaging, special events, competitorsí definition of your brand, ìsold on holdî messages, infomercials and shopping networks, industry experts, direct mail, newsletters and on, and on.

We help you identify all the different points your customers can come in contact with your brand, and what is the best way to develop a harmony among these many different interactions to create the response you need to grow your business.

5. Influencer-Driven, Brand Communication Program

Influencers represent that 10% of your target base who have the power and desire to influence the other 90%. Influencers can generate dynamic growth for youor sudden death depending on their positive or negative history and experience with your brand.

We are experienced in determining the best ways to communicate your brand to influencers and early adopters, and what has to be said to make your brand the first choice in their decision process.

6. Strategic Creative Development

Having identified your Brand Core, created your Ideal Brand Perception, and with an understanding of your Touch Point Map and Influencer Profile, we then turn to the actual creative development of the Branding messages. This final phase also involves feedback. A research component is added to ensure that the creative is on target and accomplishing the intended perception goals.

So, based on a foundation of rock solid strategic thinking, our creative solutions are on-message, innovative, surprising, relevant and both emotional and rationally engaging to create long term growth for your brand.